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Tuition Costs:

Scholarships applications will be accepted starting 12/01/2022 until 02/05/2023. Scholarship recipients will be notified by March 5, 2023 of their awards.

Financial Aid Applications begin 10/01/2022 and are due by 02/05/2023. You must complete an application each year to receive ANY financial assistance.

Apply for Financial Aid

St. Joseph High School Scholarships

All applications are OPEN.

Award notification is made mid-March. Scholarship recipients will be required to accept their award by a specific deadline or the scholarship will be forfeited. Good luck!

$500.00 Scholarships

Bailey Scholarship
Ceniseroz Scholarship
Ferrari Scholarship
Jetter Scholarship
Sartain Scholarship
Smith J/A Scholarship
Tompkins Scholarship
SR Sheila Scholarship

$1,000.00 Scholarships

Ardantz Scholarship
Cavaletto Scholarship
Cova Scholarship
SJHS Scholarship
Smolley Scholarship

$1,500.00 Scholarships

Smith M/D Scholarship
Chipman Scholarship

$2,000.00+ Scholarships

Crist Scholarship
Gifts of Giving Scholarship
Mainini Scholarship
Souza Scholarship
Wellenkamp Scholarship

CEF is the abbreviation for the Catholic Education Foundation, managed and awarded by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. CEF’s mission is to provide tuition assistance to families meeting specific income parameters. Current 8th graders receiving CEF should apply through their Catholic elementary school.

New applicants (coming from non-Catholic feeders) should apply by contacting Mrs. Brackett at

While SJHS supports and works with CEF, we are not responsible for CEF awards, deadlines, applications, etc.

CEF Eligibility Guidelines (English) CEF Eligibility Guidelines (Spanish)