Class of 2022 Senior Information Page

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St. Joseph High School Senior Portrait Information

Welcome Class of 2022! We are headed into another exciting year as we begin the Senior Portrait Process! Below you will find all the portrait requirements that are none negotiable.

SENIOR PORTRAITS MUST HAVES: Photographer Instructions:

  • Be taken by a professional photographer.
  • Schedule your photoshoot as early as possible.
  • Vertical shots only.
  • Digital Photo only. All pictures should be 300 dpi/ppi with a photo size no less than 750×1050.
  • Photo must be submitted in JPEG format only.
  • Email Senior Portraits to Mr. Stark at: Any questions please email Mr. Stark at:

SENIOR PORTRAIT DRESS CODE: Student & Parent Instructions

  • Boys – Nice collared shirt. (No earrings please.)
  • Girls – Nice blouse or full-length dress (for full length shots). Nothing low-cut or formfitting please.
  • Girls & Boys – No tattoos, inappropriate dyed hair, inappropriate haircuts/styles, or facial piercings.
  • No Shorts! Seniors may wear dark jeans (No rips, tears, or frays of any kind).
  • No bare shoulders or cut-outs in sleeves.
  • No t-shirts, no tank tops, or spaghetti straps.
  • No hats of any kind.
  • No pets – just you!
  • No tattoos, inappropriately dyed hair, inappropriate haircuts/styles, facial piercings
  • Please refer to the The Shield located at SJHSKNIGHTS.COM /Parents & Students / Link to The Shield – (Topic 2-14) for additional information on dress code and acceptable / unacceptable attire.
  • Please exercise good judgement and common sense. This is the final picture of you within the SJHS Lance LVI – please represent the core values of our school as a Knight.

The school reserves the right to refuse any senior photo it deems unacceptable!

Since you can choose your own photographer, it is important that you follow the dress code. Remember somethings your photographer thinks looks appropriate may not be appropriate for the yearbook.

TIMELINE: July 2021 – December 3, 2021 – Senior Portraits: Senior Portraits are due to Mr. Stark no later than Friday, December 3, 2021. This is a FINAL DATE! Email portraits to If you have questions, please email Mr. Stark at

St. Joseph High School Senior Portrait Information


St. Joseph High School Senior Ad Information

Senior ads should reflect the student’s personality and document who they are at this exciting time in their life. Since it’s going to be immortalized in the yearbook, it also needs to look good so below I have included some helpful hints that will go a long way in making your Senior’s Ad an epic one!

What should you write to your senior in their ad?

Here are some wording samples that are specific to graduating seniors.

      1. You did it! Hope you’re as proud of yourself as we are of you.
      2. Someday you’ll look back at these pages and think about the people and events that shaped your high school experience. …
      3. Goodbye, high school! … Hello College!
      4. You are brave, strong, and capable…
      5. Here’s to your future…
      6. I want you to remember that you are…
      7. Our wish for you is that…
      8. Some parents have written or taken a poem then adapted it for their seniors.
      9. Other parents started with a special verse in the bible.

Traditionally, I will send out Josten’s advertainment letter in August for the Senior Ads and I will send monthly reminders each month thereafter. In it, you will find instructions on how to submit the pictures and text you would like to have in the ad. Remember, you are submitting this directly to Josten’s Ad Group online, so the school is not part of that process. There is usually a discounted rate until October 30th after that prices climb by around $50.