Mrs. Amy Curti

Titles: Teacher, Glee Club
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Phone Numbers: 805-937-2038 ext. 157

Fine Arts

Fall 2022 – High School Musical:

High School Musical Cast SJHS 2022 

The Jocks:

Troy Bolton – Lander Martin

Chad Danforth – Randy Telcide

Zeke Baylor – Sanford Riggs

Jason – Brandon Hawes

The Thespians:

Sharpay Evans – Serra Arensdorf

Ryan Evans – Joe Souza

James – Cash Luttge

Susan – Ashlyn Anaya

Cathy – Emme Corona

Alan – Miles Restrepo

Cyndra – Rachel McGehee

The Brainiacs: 

Gabriella Montez – Delaney Nevarez

Taylor McKessie – Josilyn Philson

Martha Cox – Emery LeClair

Kratnoff – Molly Fothergill

Featured Soloists/Head Cheerleaders:

Jasmine Menusa

Natalie Lopez

The Skater Dudes:

Ripper – Avila Kingston

Mongo – Maddie Zwilling


Jack Scott – Zorah Coulibaly

Kelsi Nelson – Sofia Zimkowski


Karaoke MC – Special Cameo

Ms. Darbus – Mady Kubiak

Coach Bolton – Jet Martin

Moderator Voiceover – TBD


Sayuri Bryan

Maggie Halsell

Penelope Wasylychyn

Charleigh Latham

Ellie Steinfelt

Emma Richards


Raven Melerski

Kathryn Acosta



Spring 2022 – The Music Man:

Cast List

Music Man Cast SJHS 2022 

Traveling Salesmen-
*Ian Dahmen, * Brandon Hawes, *Miles Restreppo, *Sanford Riggs, * Randy Telcide, Sarah Wheeler 

Charlie Cowell
*Joseph Souza 

*Miles Restreppo 

Harold Hill
Lander Martin 

Newspaper Readers
Featured Ensemble 

Mayor Shinn
Dominic Cool 

Barbershop Quartet
Central Coast Barbershop Quartet 

Marcellus Washburn
Cooper Smith 

Tommy Djilas
Kili Martin 

Marian Paroo
Sayuri Bryan 

Mrs. Paroo
Serra Arensdorf 

Avila Kingston 

Jet Martin 

Eulalie Shinn
Mady Kubiak 

Mrs. Zaneeta Shinn
Delaney Nevarez 

Gracie Shinn
Emme Corona 

Alma Hix
Zarah Wheeler 

Maud Dunlop
Catherine Noe 

Ethel Toffelmier
Abigail Blackburn 

Mrs. Squires
Jasmine Menusa 

Constable Locke
Sanford Riggs 

River City Townspeople
Rengeo Bryan, Maggie Halsell, Rachel McGehee, Cash Luttge, Harper Restreppo, Rylee McGinley

Dance Leads
Avila Kingston, Rachel McGehee, Serra Arensdorf, Jasmine Menusa, Chloe King 


*also Ensemble in Large Numbers 

Rehearsal Schedule



 Sunday, Feb. 6        1:00-4:00 – ALL CAST READ-THROUGH 


 Sunday, Feb. 19       1:00-4:00 – Leads  

                                    2:30-4pm – Ensemble 

 Sunday, Feb. 26-     1:00-4:00pm – Leads  

                                     2:30-4:00pm – Ensemble 



 Wednesday, Mar 2 – 6:00-8:00pm – Leads Rehearsal 

 Sunday, Mar 6 –          1:00-4:00pm  – Leads 

                                        2:30-4:00pm – Ensemble 

 Wednesday, Mar 9    6:00-8:00pm – Leads rehearsal 

  Sunday, Mar 13.        1:00-4:00pm – Leads 

                                        2:30-4:00pm  – Ensemble 

 Wednesday, Mar 16.  6:00-8:00pm – Leads Rehearsal 

 Sunday, Mar 20.         1:00-4:00pm  – Leads 

                                         2:30-4:00pm – Ensemble 

 Wednesday, Mar 23.   6:00-8:00pm – Leads Rehearsal  

 Sunday, Mar 27.           1:00-4:00pm – Leads 

                                          1:00-3:00pm  – Ensemble 

 Wednesday, Mar 30.    6:00-8:00pm – All Leads Excluding Salesmen & Townspeople



 Sunday, Apr 3              1:00-4:00pm – All Cast

 Wednesday, Apr 6.      6:00-8:00pm – All Leads Excluding Salesmen & Townspeople

 Sunday, Apr 10.           1:00-4:00pm – All Cast

 Wednesday, Apr 13.     6:00-8:00pm – Leads Rehearsal 

 Sunday, Apr 17              EASTER SUNDAY NO REHEARSAL 

 Wednesday, Apr 20.      NO REHEARSAL SPRING BREAK 

 Sunday, Apr 24.            1:00-4:00pm – All Cast

Wed, Apr 27.                   6:00-8:00pm – All Cast



 Wednesday, May 4.         6:00-8:00pm – All Cast

 Saturday, May 7.             10:00-1:00pm – Leads/Ensemble 

 Sunday, May 8                 MOTHER’S DAY NO REHEARSAL 

 Wednesday, May 11        6:00-8:00pm – All Cast 

 Sunday, May 15.             12pm-5pm – 



                                         LOAD IN – ALL HANDS ON DECK! 

Tuesday, May 17.              5:00-9:00pm –TECH REHEARSAL 

 Wednesday, May 18.         5:00-9:00pm – TECH REHEARSAL 

 Thursday, May 19.             5:00-9:00pm – FINAL DRESS 

 Friday, May. 20                  5:00-9:30pm – OPENING NIGHT 

 Saturday, May 21                5:00-9:30PM – SAT EVENING PERFORM 

 Sunday, May 22                 12:30-6pm – FINAL MATINEE 

                                                             Load Out Sets/Props/Costumes 

*We are still confirming a possible Thursday “soft” opening OR Sunday Matinee. TBD 

TBD –                                  CAST PARTY 

Fall 2021 – The Little Mermaid:

Cast List

Lead Roles:

Ariel – Meghan Kelman

Prince Eric – Makai Capado

Grimsby – Joseph Souza

Flounder – Ava Dahman

Scuttle – Natalie Lopez

King Triton – Dominic Cool

Sebastian – Serra Arensdorf

Flotsam – Mady Kubiak

Jetsam – Abigail Blackburn

Ursula – Sayuri Bryan

Chef Louis – Lander Martin

*Pilot – Ian Dahman

*Sailors – Cooper Smith, Miles Restreppo, Lander Martin, Caedmon Halsell, Raven Melerski, Abigail Blackburn, Mady Kubiak, Emma Reasner

Mersisters – Atina (Jasmine Menusa), Arista (Delaney Nevarez), Allana (Josilyn Philson), Aquata (Charleigh Latham), Adella (Samantha Walker), Andrina (Chloe King)

*Herald the Seahorse – Maggie Halsell

*Princesses – Starr Bowerstock, Samantha Walker, Cosette Burks, Avila Kingston, Chloe’ King, Mikayleigh Dougherty, Atina (Jasmine Menusa), Arista (Delaney Nevarez), Allana (Josilyn Philson), Aquata (Charleigh Latham), Adella (Samantha Walker), Andrina (Chloe King)

*Sea Creatures – Starr Bowersock, Cosette Burks, Avila Kingston, Mikayleigh Dougherty, Harper Restrepo, Miles Restrepo, Emme Corona, Violette Ramirez, Ian Dahman, Lander Martin, Cooper Smith

Chefs – Cooper Smith, Miles Restrepo, Caedmon Halsell, Raven Melerski, Ian Dahman, Avila Kingston, Emma Reasner, Mikayleigh Dougherty

Maids – Cosette Burks, Starr Bowersock, Emme Corona, Maggie Halsell

*May be asked to play additional parts as rehearsals begin. 

Rehearsal Schedule

Wednesdays: 7:00PM-9:00PM – Leads Only. Check Remind for any changes.

Sundays: 1:00PM-4:00PM

Spring 2020 – Beauty and the Beast:

Cast List

Thank you to all the actors, dancers, and triple threats who came out to our auditions on Friday and Saturday. We had almost 80 actors audition; if you were not cast for this show, please audition for another show. We were not able to accommodate all the amazing talent who showed up. Not being cast is not a reflection on the amazing work we were shown. Also, we have double-cast some pivotal roles (one actor will do Friday night and Saturday matinee, one actor will do Saturday night and Sunday matinee); this is in keeping with our small-company policy to not have understudies.

Leads/Featured Ensemble Roles:
Belle- (double-cast) Julia Galloway (Fri, Sat matinee), Jacquelyn Mengel (Sat pm/Sun)

Lumiere- Steven Equihua

Gaston- Dominic Cool

Lefou- Scott Hartman

The Beast- Joshua Menusa

Cogsworth- Maddy Kubiak

Maurice- Jim Dahmen

Babette- Zoie Adams

Chip- Miles Restrepo

Madame De La Grande Bouche- Sayuri Bryan

Mousier D’arque- Brian Regalado

Mrs. Potts- Irene Dahmen

Silly Girls- Madison Armstrong, Ava Dahmen, Faith Davis, Mikaleigh Dougherty, Alyssa Eaker, Bailey Gomez, Avila Kingston, Raven Melerski, Jasmine Menusa

Young Prince- Ian Dahmen

Baker- Sean Halloran

Baker’s Wife- Erinn Dougherty

Enchantress- Elizabeth Souza

Bookseller- Paul Halsell

Gaston’s Gang- Ian Dahmen, Emma Reasner, Maximus Stineman, Joseph Souza

Vashti Altheide, Paige Beal, JD Collier, Cassandra Crowley, Alexa DeLa Vega, Isabella Farshier, Nicole Flores, Alicia Garcia, Sarah Garcia, Caedmon Halsell, Maggie Halsell, Grayce Hamperson, Brandon Hawes, MJ Lunelberg, Ava Maldonado, Kyler Mcneil, Emily Sabedra, Nathan Sanchez, Naijan Sanchez, Addison Sanders

Lead Dancers:
Caitlynn Crowley, Sofia Flaa, Ava Maldonado, Katelyn Murray, Sofia Paravato, Lexi Rampone, Emma Sheldon, Brooklyn Still, Elizabeth Souza

Rehearsal Schedule

Fall 2019 – The Phantom of The Opera

Cast List

Leads/Featured Characters Needed for all summer
The Phantom, a composer and magician known as the Opera Ghost Steven Equihua
Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny, patron of the Opera, childhood sweetheart of Christine Makai Capado
Monsieur Firmin, co-manager of the Opera Joan Mabansag
Monsieur André, co-manager of the Opera Zarah Wheeler
Carlotta Giudicelli, the Prima Donna of the Opera Estelle Davis
Madame Giry, the ballet Mistress Irene Dahmen
Ubaldo Piangi, leading tenor of the Opera, Carlotta’s husband Jim Dahmen
Monsieur Reyer, the chief répétiteur/director of the Paris Opera Maddy Kubiak
Meg Giry, Madame Giry’s daughter, member of the ballet chorus, Christine’s best friend Sayuri Bryan
Christine Daaé, a chorus girl
Meghan Kelman
Leads/Featured Characters needed for limited summer rehearsal (Mrs. Curti will reach out to schedule with you)
Monsieur Lefèvre, the previous owner of the Opera Jadyn Voss
Joseph Buquet, chief stagehand of the Opera Scott Hartman
Characters needed in the fall only (Featured Ensemble)
Madame Firmin / Innkeepers Wife (in Don Juan Triumphant) Kylar McNeil
Featured (in Hanibal) Brooke Johnson
Featured (in Hannibal) Jhosai Rojas
Wardrobe Mistress/ Confidante (in Il Muto) Kelsey Coyle
Innkeepers Wife (in Don Juan Triumphant) TBD*
Ensemble/the monkey Ava Dahmen
Ensemble/Fire Marshall and Epicene Jeweler Ian Dahmen
Ensemble/Fire Marshall and Epicene Hairdresser Mikaleigh Dougherty

Rehearsal Schedule

Weds, 6/12/19, 7:00-9:00pm

Weds, 6/26/19, 7:00-9:00pm

Monday, 7/1/19, noon-3pm

Monday, 7/8/19, noon-3pm, all leads and featured cast

Monday, 7/15/19, noon-3pm, Act I

Monday, 7/22/19, 12:30pm-3:30pm

Monday, 7/29/19, noon-3pm

Monday, 8/5/19, noon-3pm

Leads only, Leads only, Sunday, 8/18/19, 2-5pm

All ensemble auditions 12pm-2pm

Leads only, Sunday, 8/25/19, 2-5pm

Ensemble Chorus joins lead cast

9/1/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads

9/8/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads

9/15/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads

9/22/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads

10/02/19 – Ensemble Chorus, 6-7 w/leads
Leads only, 7-9pm

10/6/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads

10/13/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads

10/20/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads

10/27/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads

11/3/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads

11/10/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads

11/17/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads

11/24/19 – Leads only, 2-4pm
Ensemble Chorus, 4-5 w/ leads


12/4/19 – Ensemble Chorus, 6-7
Leads only, 7-9pm

12/8/19, Ensemble Dance and Ensemble Chorus, 1-4pm
Leads only, 4-5pm as needed


Monday, 12/9/19 – Thursday 12/12/19

Student mandatory homework: 3-4:30

Break/snack (bring your own) 4:30-5:00

Full tech run-through, 5:00-8:00pm


Doors open at 6:15pm, lobby opens at 6:00pm. Show start-time, appox. 6:35-6:40—come in full costume and stage makeup by 5:15