Mrs. Elizabeth Gregory

Titles: Campus Minister, Teacher, Community Service Coordinator
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Phone Numbers: 805-937-2038 ext. 122

Spiritual Life


St. Joseph High School has a vibrant spiritual life, which secular research and theory supports as benefiting all students in an educational environment. Academic research supports that collective worship “makes a significant contribution to the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, and emotional and intellectual development of pupils.” In fact, Harvard research notes that trends in secular education can result in students who suffer from a lack of a sense of community, confusion about values, a very tenuous sense of self, doubt about personal worth, belief system, and identifying a belief or value as larger than themselves and in which they could become deeply involved. John Whitely, UC Irvine Social Ecology Professor, noted in support of collective worship in education, “I conclude from this that those of us who care about the nation’s youth and their education must now work to construct conditions and promote values in education that we once took for granted.”


St. Joseph High School offers a weekly all-school Mass in addition to all-school Masses on Holy Days of Obligation. Additionally, students have the opportunity to attend Tuesday weekly Masses in the chapel and weekly confession. Additional chapel Masses are held each week along with bi-weekly Adoration of the Holy Eucharist. Athletic teams, including football, take advantage of team Masses before athletic contests. All families are welcome to attend any collective worship opportunities at the school. Service to others is embedded into the curriculum, with all students doing 20 hours of service in the community annually during their St. Joe’s matriculation. Additionally, students attend annual retreats with their class in addition to the opportunity to attend a Kairos Retreat.